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From sewing machines to bicycles to one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Opel is a German cult brand with over 150 years of history. Therefore, it was important to us to include Opel fan articles in our extensive Nostalgic Art collection and to dedicate a separate theme world to Adam Opel. Included are Nostalgic-Art typical products made of sheet steel like our famous tin signs and thermometers. Decorated with the old Opel logos and classic models of the manufacturer like the Opel Manta or the Opel GT. The tin signs come in different formats and sizes. For example, the hanging sign with the inscription “Opel Parts and Services” fits perfectly in a workshop. The inscriptions “Opel Parking” or “Garage” will look good in a parking lot.

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The Opel story

Adam Opel, a trained locksmith, initially began his career in 1862 with the manufacture of sewing machines in his hometown of Rüsselheim. After great success, he was able to expand just six years later. At the request of his two sons, he produced bicycles in addition to sewing machines in a newly built factory. In 1895, Adam Opel passed away. But his sons used the potential of the successful company and the idea of producing their own Opel automobile was born. Thus, in 1899, the production of the first Opel car began. The first series production was a great success, especially in the countryside, due to its robust construction. The Opel model was quickly nicknamed the “doctor’s car”, as doctors in the countryside were able to get to patients quickly thanks to Opel.
With the world economic crisis in the 1920s, there was a decline in sales. The Opel brothers react strategically and sold the company to General Motors. A good move for both sides. For Opel, this opens up a new sales market in the United States.
After another successful period, World War II started and Opel was forced to produce armament and aircraft parts. Only with the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany and the end of the Second World War a renewed upswing begen. The Opel Olympia model sold extremely well, the Opel Kapitän was relaunched and became a status symbol for Germans. Not even the competition from Mercedes could keep up.
In the 1950s, U.S. influences unmistakably shaped the design of the new models: chrome everywhere, Panaroma windshields and modern pontoon bodies. But Opel’s heyday was the 1960s and 1970s. Production of the Opel Kadett A began at the new factory in Bochum. In five years, Opel sold one million units. In 1970, the legendary Opel models Ascona and the Manta appeared. These were followed by the Opel Astra and Opel Corsa models, which are still well-known today. The Speedster, which was introduced in 2000 is particularly popular with sports car fans.
In 2012, Opel celebrates 150 years as a company. The celebration is not nearly as pompous as the 125th anniversary in 1987, and the future of the company seems uncertain. Should it go under, however, the brand with the lightning bolt will never be forgotten and the numerous Opel models will continue to be moved around the world’s roads with legendary status by their proud owners.

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High quality production

Like the brand itself, our various Opel merchandise items such as the tin signs or the thermometer are “Made in Germany” and are made of sturdy sheet steel. The designs we create replicate the classic Opel models Manta and Opel GT with great detail and are embossed on several levels of the sheet metal. This gives the product a high-quality 3D look and a pleasant feel. Only the company’s original colors, such as the distinctive yellow as well as black and white, were used for the designs. We offer authentic merchandise products that are perfect for lovers of the brand.

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Where to buy the Opel items?

German history in tangible form as a gift, or for your own use sounds interesting to you? The merchandise items made of tin are “Made in Germany” and are therefore characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. Nostalgic-Art is a business-to-business company. Our goal is to spread the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally and to bring back memories of times gone by. If you would like to purchase our products for personal use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries.

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