We LOVE Retro

We LOVE Retro – the movie

Do you love retro and vintage? Then enter the world of Nostalgic-Art and take a look behind the scenes. Follow the production process of a tin sign from the design to the production on to the final sale in the corner shop.

Nostalgic-Art builds the bridge between tradition and modern spirit

The production and distribution of advertising signs has a long tradition. However, in the last 20 years the market has changed a lot and became what it is today. On the one hand, our products are a piece of brand history and embody tradition, quality and longevity. On the other hand, the beautiful motifs with popular brands are retro, trendy and stylish. Depending on the subject, they appeal to a broad target group, from grandfathers to teenagers, from housewives to Porsche drivers. And maybe that’s why it requires a special company to be the market leader in this industry with these products.

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Business Areas

Nostalgic-Art is a modern and dynamic traditional company from Berlin. We design, produce and distribute promotional and trendy articles that are used as both gift and merchandising products. We control all manufacturing processes ourselves and attach great importance to quality and satisfying our customers. We pay attention to values such as efficiency and price awareness. For years, we have consistently opened up to modern work processes with access to global production capacities.

tin sign retro vintage nostalgic pin up

The Kanonenhalle

Our office is located in the landmarked Kanonenhalle (Cannon Hall) at the historic Borsig site in Berlin. The Kanonenhalle was built in 1916 and renovated according to the most modern aspects in 2009. This place enables us to work efficiently and creatively in a stylish environment. We are convinced that the Kanonenhalle embodies what Nostalgic-Art has stood for, for many years: Achieving highly productive and extremely efficient results through the contemporary use of a historic object. For good reasons a large number of proprietary resources were involved in the renovation of the building. From the warehouse operatives to the graphics department and the management, many employees were involved in the planning and project management. The result makes us proud and happy and we are all very pleased that the Kanonenhalle was honored in 2010 by the district administration with the Builder Award 2010.

tin sign retro vintage nostalgic pin up

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

At Nostalgic-Art, we are convinced that sustainable action is an important precondition for long-term corporate success. This quality standard exists in all entrepreneurial areas. In production we pay attention to the greatest possible environmental, social compatibility and participate in programs such as climate protection. For our employees, we strive to continuously improve working conditions and thus the quality of work through flexible employment models. In 2010, we were named the most family-friendly company in Berlin. As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility and support charitable projects regularly.

tin sign retro vintage nostalgic pin up