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Nostalgic-Art is your expert for the manufacturing and distribution of nostalgic gifts, collectibles, and decoration items. Our collection of tin signs, metal cards, mint boxes, and many other products with retro designs is one of the most extensive of its kind. By cooperating with internationally known brands, museums, and distribution companies we constantly increase the number of images.

Products of the Nostalgic-Art Collection

At Nostalgic-Art everything old is new again. Our variety of tin-plate products feature nostalgic images from classic advertising to film stars and world famous brands like Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola, Persil, Volkswagen, John Deere, BMW, and many more. You will find gifts with retro designs for everyone and every home. Our products are perfect match for a variety of usage scenarios. Whether as a gift for nears and dears, as enhancement of your home décor, or simply as part of your collection our nostalgic style products honour the old days with a smile.

Our products

Our Theme Worlds

In order to assist you with your selection, our products are grouped into theme worlds. Our large variety of brands and designs can offer something to everyone. We license all our products with the respective copyright holder to protect our customers from extra costs and liability notices.

Our Theme Worlds

Variety of Presentation Possibilities

An important criterion for the success is the right presentation at the point of sale. Therefore we offer a variety of suitable rotation stands and displays. Most of them can be individually equipped with products according to your wishes. We are always happy to assist you with the motif selection.

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Purchase Options

Our homepage is just an overview of our products. If you want to browse our entire product range of over 1000 items, then our catalog is the right choice. We will be glad to give you access to the online version or send it to you by mail. Just give us a bell!

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Quality from Germany

We place great emphasis on quality and manufacture our tin-plate signs in Germany. All tin-plate products are made from sturdy steel sheet and usually have one elaborately embossed image. Using the latest manufacturing technologies and the global distribution of large quantities we also offer a great cost / performance ratio.