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Life on a farm brings a pleasant peace and a close connection to animals and nature. A desirable feeling in our highly digitalized environment. The earthy colors and the John Deere typical yellow and green tones of our Nostalgic-Art Merchandise products bring the flair of country life to your home. 

The classic clocks and tin signs make every bare wall an eye-catcher. You have the choice between different design styles. If you want it classic, the illustrated vintage tractor models are certainly something for your needs. Or may it be something more modern and minimalistic? For this purpose, we have also immortalized photos of the newer John Deere tractors on tin. A money box in the form of an oil barrel, aroma cans, cups, or thermometer completes our John Deere collection. The philosophy and consistency of the company is unmistakable. Therefore, there are many fans of the John Deere brand for good reason. Are you one too? With these products, you can let friends and family know.

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The John Deere Story

John Deere settled in the small town of Grand Detour in the US state of Illinois in the late 1930s. As a trained blacksmith, he quickly found work and opened his own store. Here he developed the first self-cleaning cast steel plow in 1837. The revolutionary thought Deeres was: „The smoother the surface, the better the steel slides through almost any material.“ 

Deere concluded that a plow made of highly polished steel and a correctly shaped mouldboard would be better suited to the soil conditions of the prairie. John Deere’s plow was better than any other. The news was spreading fast and the demand increased rapidly. Just four years later Deere was selling 75 to 100 plows per year.  In 1868, under new management by Deere’s son, Charles Deere, the brand name Deere & Company was invented to promote sales nationwide. With growing competition, the expansion into the tractor business began in 1912. John Deere once said: “I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me“. Driven by this sentence the company, under the leadership of his sons, brought numerous legendary tractors and combine harvesters to the market. For over 175 years, John Deere has been keeping its promise and it looks like he will continue to do so for countless more years to come.

Historic John Deere models and classics

Deere’s first legend is the Model D. The tractor was launched in 1923 and is still an important oldtimer and a very rare item for collectors. The combination of the company’s typical green and yellow gives the vehicle a down-to-earth and nostalgic look and is still a part of all Deere products. Even today farmers are still driving around on their fields with this old tractor. Four years later, the first combine harvester of the Deere & Company brand was launched. The No. 1 combine harvester combined all harvesting methods, from cutting to threshing, in one machine. John Deere had considered this technical and economic challenge before he entered the harvesting business.

From 1979 the “John Deere 3140” tractor of the 40 series was distributed. Special about this model is that the construction was manufactured in Mannheim. Due to its 100 HP four-wheel drive, this tractor was one of the most powerful tractors of its time.  John Deere produced the 3140 until the introduction of the 50 series in 1986.

The figurehead of the 50 series was the “John Deere 2650“. The Constant Power engines of the 50 series, had low fuel consumption. A two-stage turbocharger further enhanced this fact in the “John Deere 2650”. The company has always affirmed that it wants to feed the world with its machines. This magnanimous idea was particularly confirmed during the Great Depression of 1933, when many farms were facing bankruptcy. John Deere deferred the installments instead of taking the tractors from the farms. This almost drove the company into bankruptcy itself but gave it a reputation and loyal customers. Today, Deere & Company is considered the world market leader in agricultural machinery.

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At this point, we would like to quote Mr. Deere once again, because we also never want to put our name on a product that does not contain the best we have to offer. Nostalgic-Art products are Made in Germany and are therefore characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. As a business-to-business company, it is our goal to spread the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to purchase our John Deere products for private use, you can do so conveniently through our distributors. Have fun browsing!

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