Attention! Unusual tin signs

Signs have an extremely important role in our society, but they are simple and rather boring. Nevertheless, exactly these signs enjoy great popularity. It is not uncommon for pubescent teenagers to steal one of those signs at a construction site and hang it up in their room. To put an end to this, we have thought about redesigning typical signs and expanded the product range. In the process, we took modern designs and sayings and put them on our Nostalgic-Art typical vintage products.

The perfect combination of retro and modernism, with a touch of pop art. Besides the said tin signs, you will also find, tin boxes filled with delicious peppermints, magnets, mugs and keychains. But “Attention” all signs are provided with useful hints or cheeky sayings that are intended to inform the viewer and to elicit a smile. Some hints are intentionally exaggerated and grotesque. Nevertheless, our design is intended to convey messages as precisely as possible. 

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Signs for all situations

“WiFi but in retro? That hasn’t been around that long, hasn’t it?” Right. But that’s exactly the highlight of most designs within this theme world. An old radio mast and the slogan “Don´t Panic – We have WiFi”. The saying fits our digitally oriented society. Perfect for cafes or other places where WiFi simply cannot be missed, combined with nostalgic charm. In the office you are also well positioned with our mugs and signs. You can choose from enamel mugs and porcelain mugs.

With sayings like “Warning! Genius at Work”, laughs are guaranteed during the coffee break. Matching the mug then still hangs on the office door the tin sign in the same design. But also the “Exit”, “Closed”, “Open” or toilet signs have great use in areas such as offices, stores, restaurants or cafes and of course at home. A tin sign with the inscription. “Shoes Off”, for example, looks particularly good in the entrance area. “KEEP OUT” or “Do not Disturb.” This fits perfectly on the bedroom door of a pubescent teenager. Feel free to browse through the various designs, they are sure to almost every saying a suitable place. 

High-quality production

With the use of high-quality materials, our original tin products combine design and quality. Only extra strong steel sheet “Made in Germany” is used for the products. The four stamped holes in the corners of the signs are used for easy attachment to the wall. The format called “Hanging sign” has an additional rope for hanging it on the wall. Different formats of the tin signs are available. The designs are embossed on multiple layers to create an authentic look. We are always inspired by the real designs of past times and thus deliver authentic vintage charm in a modern context. 

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Giving important hints with style or gift items that will make friends or colleagues laugh sounds interesting to you? Nostalgic-Art’s merchandise is Made in Germany and is therefore characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. As a business-tobusiness company, our goal is it to spread the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. We combine the context of the modern age with retro designs. If you would like to purchase our products for personal use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Have fun browsing and gifting. 

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