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Fiat stands for “Dolce Vita” on four wheels. For over 120 years, the company has been the industrial flagship of Italy. There are numerous enthusiasts and collectors of the various models worldwide. In the new Nostalgic-Art theme world, you will find mainly Fiat 500 fan articles. In addition to mugs, thermometers and key chains, we have decorated our high-quality tin products in detail with the old Fiat logos or Fiat vintage cars. The typical tin signs are available in the dimensions 30 x 40cm, 20 x 30cm and 15 x 20cm.

In 1904, the Liberty movement also reached Fiat and the logo was redesigned for the first time along Art Nouveau lines. Many other changes followed. One of our tin signs refers exactly to this period. The blue and white sign shows the old Fiat logo and the rising sun as well as the olive branches typical for Italy.

Another tin sign shows the evolution of the Fiat logo, from 1899 to 2006. After Fiat expanded on a grand scale into markets around the world, customer service centers and workshops were established in Spain, Egypt, Poland and France. Tin plates were already used at that time to identify a Fiat workshop. A replica of these iconic “Repair & Service” signs is available in the store.

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The Fiat history – Among the small very big

Fiat and Nostalgic-Art suit each other very well. Why? Fiat is next to Vespa the ultimate cult brand of Italy and stands for the Italian lifestyle for over 120 years. Genuinely retro.
The Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino (F.I.A.T.) was founded in Turin on July 11, 1899. A year later, employees at Italy’s first Fiat plant developed 24 units of the 3½ HP model.

In 1912, Giovanni Agnelli realized that the key to greater market success and a significant reduction in costs lay in the series production of standardized vehicles. Following this then revolutionary idea, the historic Lingotto plant in Turin was completed in 1923. Among the futuristic features of the emblematic plant, the approximately 1.5 km long circuit test track on the roof undoubtedly stands out. Under the motto “Mobility for everyone”, numerous legendary Fiat models were designed and built.

After the First World War, the 501 model conquered the world’s markets. The Fiat model was built 45,000 times and also achieved success in races in its sports version from 1920. At 234.980 km/h, Ernest Eldridge achieved the absolute speed record for land vehicles with the Fiat Mefistofele, a converted Fiat SB4. Racing became an important marketing tool.

The absolute classic was built a total of over 4 million times between 1936 and 1977. We’re talking about the Fiat 500 – affectionately called the “Topolino” (little mouse) by the Italians. Among the little ones, it is quite big. What makes Italy’s darling so special is the folding roof as standard equipment. The iconic 500 style is still in production these days. Instead of a folding roof, a weatherproof panoramic roof was chosen. So the authentic Italian driving experience remains until today.

High quality production

The various Fiat merchandise items made of sheet metal are “Made in Germany” and are made of sturdy sheet steel.

The nostalgic designs are motif-embossed on several levels and give the tin signs a pleasant feel and an authentic 3D look. The designs created are based on the nostalgic style of the company. A lot of attention was paid to the choice of colors. Only the original Fiat colors of the past time were chosen. Especially the typical blue and red tones can be found again and again.

Particularly noteworthy is the tin plate with all Fiat logos from then until today. A piece for real lovers of the Fiat brand. Maybe they have a Fiat themselves or have ever driven one. Our products have the claim to revive memories of past times.

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Where can you buy the "Fiat products"?

Italian lifestyle in tangible form to give away, or for your own use sounds interesting to you?

The merchandise items of Nostalgic-Art are Made in Germany and are therefore characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. As a business-to-business company, our goal is to spread the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to buy our products for private use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. “Ciao caro cliente.”

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