Coin Collection Point

Do you sometimes ask yourself, where to put the ever-growing number of coins in your pocket? Every home should have a spot for the collection of pocket change. Our round money boxes are just perfect for this job. Not only will your wallet be grateful. Without even noticing, a substantial amount of money is going to be saved.

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The lid makes the Difference

The typical embedded lid has a large slit, so your banknotes and coins can slide in easily. It can be opened and closed with a slight pull. Therefore, unlike other money boxes, our tins do not need to be broken for occasional cash withdrawals. Use them over and over again.

A well-rounded piece

The beautiful motifs are matched to popular money saving themes. No matter if you’re saving up for coffee, birthday presents, for a new car or your next motorcycle, we offer a matching design. The money boxes have the same size as our round boxes – even their lids match two-way.