Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs combine a concrete benefit with any advertising message. A surface adapted to the motif will be coated with chalk paint, which can be written on as often as desired with a piece of chalk and then wiped off again. Chalkboards are well known in the gastronomy and are perceived as sought-after collectibles; they are also used in private households. Due to the printed metal and the applied protective lacquer, advertising motifs on chalkboards shine particularly colorful.

For many years we have been manufacturing signs for internationally known brands. Since the value of an advertising material reflects directly on the advertising company, we pay attention to great quality. For this purpose, we use a particularly strong steel sheet of about 0.5 mm thickness, which guarantees high rigidity and reasonable weight. Metal signs with chalk paint are recommended in the formats 30 x 40 cm and 40 x 60 cm, so that there is enough space for writing. Since our production is geared towards the production of these formats, we can offer them at moderate minimum circulation and attractive prices.

Embossing & Processing

A large part of the sign can be embossed over several layers. The motif embossing on several layers accentuates parts of the motif three-dimensionally. The modern printing technology we use (4-color offset metal printing with a fine grid of 70) guarantees a variety of strong and brilliant colors and the application of a protective lacquer increases the longevity and gives the motif extra shine. Crimped over edges and pre-drilled holes for hanging, complete the high-quality overall impression of our tin signs.


Adapted to the respective application, we offer a wide range of packaging options for our tin signs. Generally, the signs are individually wrapped in high-quality plastic bags. Upon request, we offer printed inserts or full-color individual packaging. Allow us to assist you.

Would you like a little more?

We rely on an international production network for the manufacturing of large quantities. We produce the signs at partner factories abroad at a particularly favorable price level. You benefit from our many years of experience with our own production and have us as a direct contact person. We stand for the quality with our name and make sure that nothing is saved at the wrong end.

Everything at a glance

  • Sizes 30 x 40 cm and 40 x 60 cm
  • Extra strong sheet metal
  • Motif embossed on several layers and curved
  • Minimum circulation: starting at 500 pieces
  • Delivery time: from 4 – 6 weeks after print approval