New oil barrel money boxes

Saving is not always easy. But there are many reasons to save money. Our beloved money boxes are now available in a new format. The model for this design was the typical style of an oil barrel.

The oil barrel has been used not only for the transport of crude oil. After it has crossed the roads and seas of the world, the solid container is often used for many other purposes. For example, there are quite a few homemade tables, cabinets, fire baskets and chairs made from old and even new oil drums. The object is also becoming more and more popular in the interior design industry. Therefore, we have considered to integrate such a historical product with cult status appropriately into our Nostalgic-Art collection.

Our unusual money boxes have a height of 11.7 cm and a diameter of 9.3 cm. The 600ml capacity of the container offers enough space for a pile of money. The savings slot is pleasantly large with a width of 4 cm and allows easy insertion of coins and bills.

The lid can be removed if necessary. To open the box does not need to break anything, as was common at the time of real piggy banks. Accordingly, this type of piggy bank is characterized by a long life. Saving for new dreams can thus start all over again and again.

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Design that inspires to save

The described format opens many new design possibilities around the theme of an oil barrel. The designs of the various money boxes especially pick up the themes of our Nostalgic Art collection with reference to automobiles and motor sports. They are meant to encourage to save with taste. The desire to own a vehicle is particularly great for most people. But cars and motorcycles are expensive. With our nice money boxes we want to make the process of saving more exciting, as well as easier.

The different designs include classic motifs and logos from the “Audi”, “VW”, “John Deere”, “BMW”, “Harley Davidson” and “Kawasaki” theme worlds. So there might be something for every kind of taste. All designs are as usual in a retro look. The skilful use of typographies and colors that were used decades ago in the marketing of cult brands spread authentic vintage charm.

High quality production

Our Nostalgic-Art money boxes in the format of an oil barrel, are characterized by the highest quality. Through the use of sturdy sheet steel, our customers always enjoy long-lasting durability of our products. The embossed oil barrel rings make the product look deceptively real and give it a pleasant feel. Only the size does not match original oil barrels, of course.

The motifs and colors are applied to the barrels with matte varnish. All designs have been professionally prepared for printing. Textures are used to create the impression of peeling varnish and runny oil. These little things in the design process give the oil barrel an authentic look and make them look intentionally old.

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Where to buy the "oil barrel money boxes"?

The beautiful logos and lettering of timeless car manufacturers, on oil barrels can be found in our various Nostalgic-Art theme worlds and under the product group “Money Box Oil Barrel”.

Vintage lovers are sure to find the right product with us, because our unique designs arouse real joy. We are a business-to-business company that spreads the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to purchase our products for personal use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Enjoy browsing our many collections.

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