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For more than 70 years, countless Vespa key rings have been dangling  from the steering wheel. Who drives a Vespa is proud of it and wants to  show it to the world. For these occasions we have key rings and Vespa  accessories like cups and tin cans in our store. The legendary Vespa tin plates for example should not be missing in any Italian automotive  workshop. But also in your own four walls our products, often in the colors  green, white, red, spread a feeling of dolce vita.

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"A small car on two wheels" – The Vespa story

Italian industrialist Enrico Piaggio unexpectedly made history in 1946. After his aircraft factory was destroyed in the Second World War, he concentrated on the development of scooters. In April he presented the  Vespa 98 model to the public at the Rome Golf Club – the mother of all scooters. Every other scooter is descended from this industrial masterpiece.  

People from Italy are in love with racing since decades. According to  Piaggio, the Vespa 98 was developed to prove the competitiveness of small scooters in the racing sport. With success. Because just one year later, pilot  Joseph Cau won the Monte Mario Hill Climb with the Vespa 98 Corsa  Circuito. The original color of the model was red. That is why the Vespa of its time was known as the little “burning ball”. The races were excellent advertising for the young company. Only specialists from Piaggios company were allowed to assemble the racing scooters manually. The high pressure to perform in racing proved to be useful in testing new solutions, which then led to adjustments to the standard models. Italy’s narrow roads were soon filled with agile and fast scooters.

Her appearance was so aesthetic that the scooter also made it onto the big cinema screens. In the early 1950s, Audrey Hepburn rushed through Rome on a Vespa in the classic movie “Roman Holiday”. The blockbuster was a great success in Hollywood. Soon the Vespa was also known internationally.  
Since this major success, the motto is: “Vespa stays Vespa!” The company wants to keep the typical, beautiful curves of the vehicle forever. Therefore the greatest challenge is to combine innovation and design. Some elements of the Vespa have remained untouched for 70 years and still bring nostalgic charm to the streets of the world. As an absolute cult brand, Vespa represents freedom and dolce vita.

Back to the future – Vespa models from yesterday to today

“Vespa stays Vespa!” and still some models stand out.  
The Vespa125 is probably the most notorious model. Sales were so successful that the production of the 98 models was stopped in 1947. There are countless different special versions of this model. The Vespa 125 U, for example, was only produced in 7000 pieces. Until today this oldtimer is one of the most sought-after collector’s items from Piaggio.  

A milestone in the history of the scooter industry was the Vespa 150GS.  The simple and aesthetic design was so popular that this model became a  status symbol for younger generations and was praised by designers. A  prototype of this old Vespa is now open to the public in the Piaggio  Museum.  
The Vespa GTS 300 is the strongest Vespa ever. With a powerful engine,  embedded in a familiar body, this two-wheeler enchanted the hearts of many scooter lovers in 2008. The exceptional elasticity and the efficiency of the engine make this model a real “sprinter”, with low consumption. The Vespa Elettrica has an even lower fuel consumption. As the name suggests, this is an electrically powered scooter and therefore consumes no fuel at all. Vespa thus brings the social themes of mobility and freedom into harmony with environmental awareness and style. Silently, but by no means unnoticed, this recently released model moves through the world’s metropolises.

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