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he historic models such as the “Gullwing”, the trolleys of the “Super Leicht” series and the classic W123 have stood for aesthetics and German design on four wheels for decades. Our merchandise articles from the Mercedes-Benz theme world bring exactly these aesthetics from the street directly into your home. Our high-quality tin signs, magnets or clocks represent the numerous milestones of the Mercedes-Benz brand in the form of great motifs on tin. Due to the long tradition of the brand, the charm of these products enchants both young and old. Take a piece of this German success story home with you or give it as a present to friends and family. 

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The Daimler and Benz story

The story of the historic brand Mercedes-Benz begins in 1884 in a small greenhouse in the city of Bad Cannstatt. It was here that Gottlieb Daimler and his friend Wilhelm Maybach developed a compact, lightweight engine based on the four-stroke cycle. Today, this engine is called “Standuhr” and is the foundation for the motorization of vehicles.

Due to numerous attempts by the two inventors, financial resources became scarce. Together with their investors Max Duttenhofer and Wilhelm Lorenz, they founded the “Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft” (DMG) in November 1890. After disagreements within the company, Maybach left the company just one year later. However, Daimler and Maybach continued to develop engines whose patents ran exclusively in Daimler’s name. This resulted in hidden constructions that were later used by the automotive industry for decades. The tense relationships within the company led to Daimler also separating from the other shareholders. The innovators were gone and soon the company’s figures stagnated. Which is why DMG brought back Maybach and Daimler a little later. This gave the company an unexpected upswing. 

Carl Benz had similar visions like Daimler and Maybach and put the two-stroke engine “System Benz” on the market. Benz’s economic breakthrough came with the world’s first series production of cars. From 1894 to 1901, a total of 1,200 units of the four-wheeled motorized velociped (“Velo”) were sold. Other legendary successful models followed.

The year 1926 was influenced by inflation and marketing difficulties for luxury products such as cars. As a result, the two oldest car manufacturers in the world merged in June. The competitors DMG and “Benz & Cie.” consolidated to the Daimler-Benz AG.  A new and today world-famous trademark emerged from the two companies. The brand name “Mercedes” invented by DMG with its unmistakable three-pointed star was combined with the wordmark “Benz” decorated with a laurel wreath. 

Mercedes-Benz was born and until today the vehicles of this brand stand for German tradition, innovation, quality and of course style.

Historical models of Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz produced numerous legendary cars, which is why the older models still enjoy cult status on the streets of the world today. 
Probably the most famous series is the S-Class. According to Mercedes: “The epitome of the automobile.“ With the Mercedes Simplex 60 HP, Maybach created a car in 1903 far ahead of its time. A car of superlatives – elegant and above all… fast. The name Mercedes became the epitome of luxury on four wheels. To this day, the S-Class is a flagship for the company. Thanks to innovative ideas every further model in this series will become a small milestone in automotive history. 

In 1952 Mercedes launched the next legend on the market. Luxury did not fade away, but with the Mercedes-Benz SL series, the focus was on sportiness. SL stands for “Super Light”. It is not really surprising that this impressive history of the automotive industry has its roots in racing. The body of the first SL300 weighing only 50 kilograms guaranteed low weight with the best torsional stiffness, but made conventional doors impossible. The solution: graceful gullwing doors that open upwards. The nickname “Gullwing” was the name of the game. 

The mediterranean sun made the new cars of the 123 series shine in January 1976 on the Paul Ricard racetrack in southern France. The car was well received by customers and the media. Shortly after the presentation of the W123, the first annual production was sold out.

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