The road starts here! Harley Davidson meets Nostalgic-Art

Seemingly endless vastness, breathtaking nature, unlimited freedom – the “American way of life” captivates millions. Few other brands represent this myth as original and unfiltered as Harley-Davidson. When Bill Harley and the three Davidson brothers Arthur, Walter and William built their first motor bikes in a small shed in Milwaukee in 1903, they probably did not know they were on the verge of creating a legend. In 1969 the brand reaches ultimate cult status due to the movie Easy Rider with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. The two chopper-rebuilds, “Captain America” with its famous US paintwork and the consolidated “Billy Bike” decorated with flames, initiated a wave of individualization for Harley-Davidson owners that is still evident today. By the way, the bikes are solely manufactured in the USA.

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