l'histoire de Citroën

In the golden 1920s, André-Gustave Citroën, in collaboration with engineers, developed half-track vehicles with a so-called “double-V” gearbox. The double-angle shape of this transmission wheel tooth, became the model for the company logo of the world-famous brand: Citroën. The symbiosis of design and functionality, which was already successful at that time, still inspires today. Therefore, we at Nostalgic-Art did not want to miss the opportunity to bring the famous “double V” Citroën sign onto our typical tin products. In our new themed world you will find various tin and hanging signs in different sizes. In order to stay true to the style of the historic brand, only the typical Citroën colors navy-blue and mustard-yellow were used. The most famous Citroën models, such as “The Duck” and the omnibus named “Type H” were also immortalized on our sheet metal. A classic thermometer, in a matching design, rounds off our small collection of Citroen products. soon

The young Frenchman quickly recognized the advertising effect of the powerful vehicles at that time. In the course of this, he launched various expeditions with his vehicles and demonstrated their capabilities. Among other things, an expedition team drove through the endless expanses of the Sahara Desert. Citroën itself crossed the Himalayas and its vehicles even drove in Alaska, at extreme temperatures of up to -20 degrees Celsius. In addition to the numerous advertising campaigns, the marketing expert used the Eiffel Tower as an advertising medium. With the help of 250,000 light bulbs and 600 km of cable, the brand’s name was visible from every corner in Paris. A milestone in marketing and advertising history. Interest in the brand quickly grew, both nationally and internationally. 

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The most famous Duck

Despite the great marketing effort, the company had to file for bankruptcy in 1934 because the production costs for the front-wheel-drive “Traction Avant” were too high during the Great Depression. But the story continues. The Michelin brothers bought up parts of the company and launched the almost finished new model. André Citroën died a short time later at the age of 57. The first official act of his successor Pierre Boulanger was the design of the Citroën model “2CV”. He noted following specifications at the time: “a vehicle capable of carrying four people and a sack of 50 kg of potatoes at a speed of 60 km/h, with a consumption of 3 liters of gasoline per 100 km and impeccable comfort…”. The idea, of the now famous “duck”, was born. 

However, the Second World War delayed the market launch. At the Paris Motor Show in July 1948, the time had finally come. The unusual design decisively changed the philosophy of individual transportation, and the enthusiastic public gave the vehicle the nickname “The Duck.” To this day, the vehicle enjoys legend status and is particularly popular with former owners, but also with fans of the brand. On the roads of the world, it has served faithfully for several generations. Since 1990, it is no longer produced, so we are pleased to immortalize the legendary “Duck” as a kind of tribute on our Nostalgic Art white sheets. 

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High quality production

The designs created are based on the nostalgic style of the Citroën company and are embossed on several levels of the sheet metal. This gives the product a high-quality 3D look. Particularly refined are the designed designs for the car models “2CV” and “Type H”. Perhaps you were once a proud owner of such a vehicle. Our products have the claim to revive memories of the good old times. 

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Have we aroused your interest in our new Citroën themed world? The merchandise items of Nostalgic-Art are characterized by the highest quality and sophisticated design. As a B2B company, our goal is to spread the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to buy our products for private use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Have fun browsing and “Au revoir”! 

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