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The Audi brand is probably the best-known German car brand alongside BMW, VW and Mercedes Benz. For decades, Audi has combined the highest performance standards with sleek design. Worldwide, the various models of the brand are very popular and are loved by both young and old. For true Audi lovers, we have put together suitable products in the Audi theme world, which make excellent gifts. Our nostalgic and detailed designs represent both the old and the new Audi logos and illustrate, almost self-explanatory, where the intertwined Audi rings come from. 

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The Audi story

The Audi rings are typical for the company and symbolize four different independent car manufacturers. In the beginning, there was August Horch, who set up his own Horch-Werke at the end of the 19th century. After conversion into a joint stock company, he left his company and founded a new one. This time, however, he was forbidden to use the family name Horch for the company. Without further ado, he translated the name Horch, which is also the imperative of the German word “horchen,” into Latin. The name Audi was born. The Wanderer Automobile and DKW Werke companies were added to the joint venture. These four companies merged in 1932 to form a large group called Auto-Union, from which Audi AG emerged in 1985. To this day, the four rings symbolize the successful cooperation of these automobile manufacturers. After the end of the Second World War, the company was liquidated. A new location was needed and in 1949 Auto-Union GmbH was re-established in Ingolstadt. In buildings of the former Ingolstadt fortress, the company began to produce spare parts, motorcycles as well as DKW vehicles. 

In West Germany, the other Audi factories were far too small to produce vehicles. Since almost all Auto-Union plants were located in the Soviet zone, it was decided to store the DKW spare parts safely in the Auto-Union Central Warehouse South in Ingolstadt and to process them further. This gave Auto-Union a major advantage over other vehicle manufacturers in West Germany. After the end of the war, more than 65,000 DKW cars were still in operation. This meant that the remaining vehicles could be supplied with spare parts. Employees from the former factories relocated to Ingolstadt and helped rebuild the company. To this day, the heart of the Audi Group beats at the Ingolstadt site. 

High quality production

The various Audi merchandise items such as the tin signs or the money box, are made of robust sheet steel. The designs we have created faithfully reproduce the nostalgic Audi logos and are embossed on several levels of the sheet metal. This gives the product a high-quality 3D look. Only the company’s original colors, such as the distinctive red tone, were used for the design. Authentic merchandise products perfect for car fans. 

Where to buy the Audi articles

German entrepreneurial history to give away, or for your own use sounds interesting to you? The merchandise items made of tin are “Made in Germany” and are therefore characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. Nostalgic-Art is a business-to-business company. Our goal is to spread the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally and to bring back memories of times gone by. If you would like to purchase our products for personal use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. 

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