Retro Martini Design: "A Martini please shaken, not stirred."

The Italian brand Martini has always stood for traditional craftsmanship and expertise combined in one bottle. Through quality, impeccable marketing, timeless advertising posters and commercials, Martini became a global phenomenon and nowadays no bar should be without it. That is why we have dedicated our own Nostalgic-Art themed world to the founders of this infamous drink.

The Classic Martini theme world includes our typical products made of tin. Here you will find tin signs with refined Martini designs in six different formats and sizes, which will look perfect in a bar or your own four walls. So nothing stands in the way of a professional cocktail evening.
Particularly outstanding are three designs that are modeled on the real Martini advertising posters of the past. On a yellow background, a waiter with a Martini logo as his head serves a Vermouth. The second tin sign virtually advertises the sparkling wine of the house Martini. You can see two crossed Martini Spumanti bottles on a red and white background. The third metal sign is decorated with an abstract grapevine. The sweet wine from the Piemont region is mainly responsible for the fresh taste of the Vermouth aperitif. The other tin signs mainly show the world-famous Martini logo, which has been used since 1925. The collection is rounded off with a wall clock and a thermometer.

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The Martini Rosso Story

In 1863, entrepreneur Alessandro Martini and herbalist Luigi Rossi teamed up to produce vermouth in the small Italian town of Pessione, near Turin. Due to the highest quality and a sense of business, the vermouth with the name Martini Rosso was already world famous a few years later. By the end of the 19th century, the business partners were able to expand into important commercial metropolises such as Buenos Aires, Geneva and Barcelona.
When Luigi Rossi’s four sons took over the company in 1900, the marketing strategy also changed. Time and again, the brand appeared as a sponsor in racing or at cultural events, thus securing the loyalty of many gourmets. The company management has always focused also on communication, especially posters, which then became iconic symbols of “Made in Italy” and served us as inspiration for the retro designs. Well-known poster designers were already collaborating with the company. In the 1920s, Italian artist Marcello Dudovich gave the company probably its most famous work, the Dama Bianca (White Lady). This advertising poster was the first to use the black nameplate with the words “Martini” superimposed by a red circle. To this day, this is the unmistakable logo of the Martini & Rossi brand.

In 1962, the vodka Martini even made it to the big screen and since then it is hard to imagine a James Bond movie without it. With the words “A Martini please shaken, not stirred,” 007, then played by Sean Connery, orders the Martini with Olive in the legendary film Goldfinger. Martini Rossi has been part of the Bacardi family since 1994. By the way, among our many theme worlds you will also find a Bacardi theme world.

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High Quality Production

“At MARTINI®, the art of composition (blending) is entrusted to a select few and is now passed down from master blender to master blender in the eighth generation,” says the Martini website. At Nostalgic-Art, too, the art of composition is left only to the masters in our design office.

The designs we create faithfully recreate the charm of the old Martini advertising posters and are embossed on several levels of the sheet metal. This gives the product a high-quality 3D look and a pleasant feel. Our merchandise items are characterized only by the highest quality, “Made in Germany”. We produce environmentally friendly and with robust sheet steel.

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Where to buy the merchandise products?

Nostalgic-Art products are Made in Germany and are therefore characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail. As a business-to-business company, our goal is to spread the nostalgic charm of various iconic companies internationally. If you would like to buy our Martini products for private use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Have fun browsing!

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