Nostalgic Bacardi Merchandise

Bacardi is the taste of the Caribbean. The rum has been refining numerous cocktails for over 150 years and has always brought people together. The soft, light-hearted spirit quickly finds favour with the upper class and conveys the Cuban lifestyle with perfection. That’s why we’re dedicating a whole themed world to another cult brand in our Nostalgic-Art collection. Here you will find our classic tin products decorated with the world-famous bat logo as well as historical and stylish designs of the brand.
Among other things, we offer four tin signs in different sizes and a tin postcard as well as a thermometer. The hanging sign with the inscription “Bacardi served here” is particularly suitable for bars, whether private or public. Bacardi also produces delicious beer under the name “Cerveza Hatuey”. An old Bacardi advertisement for the beer in pin-up style now adorns our tin signs just as authentically as it did back then.
Three other products, including a tin sign, a wall clock and a storage tin, are designed in the style of an old Bacardi rum barrel. The maturing of rum in wooden barrels was revolutionary at that time and helped Bacardi to be successful.
Our Bacardi merchandise items complete every cocktail evening with matching decoration. Most bars can’t do without the famous Bacardi logos and advertisements with retro charm for that real Bacardi feeling.

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The history of the bat rum

The Spaniard Don Facundo Bacardí Massó founded the Bacardí & Ca. distillery in Santiago de Cuba in 1862. His dream was to revolutionise rum production and develop a light, easy-going spirit. With the financial help of the father of his wealthy wife, he was able to buy an old distillery where he
had previously worked.
In the attic of this distillery, his wife found a swarm of bats. For Cubans, the bat is a symbol of health, family cohesion and happiness. The bat so became the logo of the family business. Soon the delicious rum was known throughout Cuba under the name “el ron del murciélago” and the Bacardi logo could be seen on every bottle.
In 1888, the company managed to establish its rum internationally. At the World Exhibition in Barcelona, Bacardi won a gold medal and became the purveyor to the court of the Spanish royal family. Since then, Bacardi has stood for lifestyle and is the favourite rum of the rich and famous.

New production sites are built in Barcelona and New York. Especially in the United States Bacardi’s success spread like wildfire and demand increased. With the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, the company thought it would lose the entire US market. But the prohibition of alcohol was a blessing. Instead of exporting Bacardi, Cuba invited people to enjoy alcoholic drinks with rum locally. Thousands of Americans flocked to the island and the resulting cocktail boom further boosted the company’s growth. Due to the revolution in the 1960s, the Bacardi family had to flee Cuba. The new headquarters are established in Bermuda, from where they open up further markets, including Europe. The success story continues. In 1979, the company recorded sales of around 16 million 9-litre cases. In 2012, the brand celebrated 150 years of Bacardi. The birthday is celebrated by millions of people worldwide.

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High quality production

With all its distilleries worldwide, Bacardi meets the strict requirements of the most renowned standards for quality and the environment. Our merchandise articles are also characterised by the highest quality, “Made in Germany”. We produce in an environmentally friendly way using robust sheet steel. The designs we create faithfully reproduce the nostalgic bat logos and are embossed on several levels of the sheet metal. This gives the product a high-quality 3D look and a pleasant feel. Only the original colours of the company, such as the striking red tone, were used for the design. Authentic merchandise products that are perfect for spirits lovers and Cuba fans.

Where to buy the Merchandise Products?

Nostalgic Art products are Made in Germany and are therefore characterised by the highest quality and great attention to detail. As a business-to-business company, our goal is to spread the nostalgic charm of various cult companies internationally. If you would like to buy our Bacardi products for private use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Have fun browsing!

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