It´s Tea Time at Nostalgic-Art

It’s cold and windy outside. The perfect season for us to expand the range with another classic product made of tin. We welcome our new
favorite format: the tea tin. Tea has been drunk since the beginning of the 17th century. For a long time, it was considered a kind of medicinal herb and was therefore particularly valuable. Only in the course of time it was also enjoyed as a soothing hot drink.
Nevertheless, tea has a high value in our society until today. It warms us from the inside on cold days and brings people all over the world together at the same table. Tea is a tradition, whether it is green tea in China, peppermint tea in Germany or black tea in the United Kingdom. Every country has its own favorite. To keep it for a long time it should be packed as airtight as possible. In our new vintage tea caddies loose tea can be stored perfectly. The refined designs are almost too beautiful to store them in the cupboard. Therefore, the tins made of tin also lend themselves as decoration for the kitchen or the living room cabinet. Real tea fans may even have their own tea room. We are excited about where our new storage tins will be stored in the future.

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High Quality Production

As always, our products are made only from high quality and sturdy steel sheet. The hinged lids are easy to open, but seal the tin almost airtight, so that the tea stays fresh for as long as possible. Of course, all our products that are suitable for food are “lebensmittelecht”. This means that all special requirements for products that come into contact with food are met. Our tea caddies are of course non-toxic and do not change the taste or smell of the tea.
The dimensions of the tins are 7.5 x 7.5 x 9.5 cm. Thus, up to 100g of your favorite tea can be conveniently stored. The fancy tea caddies are decorated with six different designs. All are optimally prepared for printing by our design experts in Berlin, so that the colors and motifs on the tin shine and last for a long time. Through years of expertise, our staff always manages to hit the mark of past times with perfection. Each of our products looks authentic and genuinely retro. Nostalgic-Art’s designs are motif-embossed on several levels. This special technique gives the product a 3D look, as well as a pleasant feel when holding the can.

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Where to buy the tea caddies?

The various designs of tea caddies are represented in our numerous Nostalgic-Art theme worlds. Under the product group “Teedosen” you will find all caddies. We are the right company for true vintage fans, because our unique designs spread joy when giving or decorating.
We are a business-to-business company that spreads the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to purchase our products for personal use, you can do so conveniently through our many intermediaries or order on Amazon. Have fun browsing our collections.

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