Tin Signs

Is it due to the displayed brands or products or maybe because of the beautiful images that tin-plate signs are favored? For many years tin-plate signs are popular decorative objects and offer an ideal possibility to bring taste and personality to the privacy of one’s home.

Many images remind us of the „good old times“ and the displayed brands and products create emotions. Almost everybody starts to get excited at the sight of our products. This is why promotional signs are the perfect gift article. With its versatile images, brands and products there is something for every taste.

The material stands for quality and endurance and stands out against alternatives like posters or plastic products. The special charm of tin-plate signs originates from the high-quality image embossment, which accentuates the contours of the image three-dimensionally. The image appears especially vivid. We manufacture our signs in Germany and are proud of the quality “Made in Germany”!

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Size & material

We offer our tin-plate signs in the popular sizes 15 x 20 cm (approx. A5), 20 x 30 cm (approx. A4), 30 x 40 cm (approx. A3), 40 x 60 cm (approx. A2) and 25 x 50 cm. Depending on the image they are hung in portrait or landscape format. We manufacture the signs from 0,5 mm thick sheet metal, which ensure high rigidity and an adequate weight. Our tin signs with the size 40 x 60 cm have a matt finish.

Image embossment & manufacturing

Adapted to each image, specific areas are accentuated on several layers. The image is therefore more vivid and the surrounding light shines into the contour areas.

A slight curvature of the signs provides extra stability. Additionally, the edges are crimped-over and the corners are rounded. Using the pre-drilled holes in the signs’ corners they are easily affixed to the wall.

Colours & Protective lacquer

We imprint our signs with four-colour offset printing (CMYK) with a smooth 70s grid pattern. The result is sharp and crystal clear images and brilliant colours. Additionally, the sign is sealed with a protective lacquer. This forms a beautiful and durable gloss.


We deliver all signs individually wrapped in sturdy plastic bags. The plastic bag of the 20 x 30 cm sign also comes with a tag with Euro punch hole to ensure easy hanging on display systems at the retail store.