Finally A Proper Place

These special tins provide storage and tidiness and adorn any shelf or breakfast table. The popular images are accentuated through brilliant colours and shiny lacquer coating. We offer them in various sizes, so there is room for many different things.

The tins are made from sturdy and clean sheet metal. The lid closes tightly, so food like coffee, flour and cereal stay fresh for longer. The only remaining question is: Which image fits best with your favourite breakfast food.

New format: Clip Top Box

Our new storage tin with flavor lock lid is compact and handy, but large enough for a pound of coffee or espresso. Not only coffee lovers care greatly about storage quality, therefore we equipped our tin with a safe steel swing top. A flexible lining fitted into the lid prevents air intrusion. This way the flavoring of the food is preserved for a long time and the content remains fresh and flavorful longer. Like this, even sweets and loose leaf tea can be stored in an optimal way too. A wrap-around motif embossing provides stability and adds a high-quality face to the tin. The lid is also full-color printed and with this feature it becomes a visual highlight in every kitchen.

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Our Tin Boxes are available in different sizes.