Vintage tins

Thanks to our Nostalgic-Art tins, your morning starts with a smile. Adorned with your favourite retro design, the vintage tin cans are an eye-catcher both on the shelf and on the breakfast table. They also last longer than conventional packaging: A wrap-around motif embossing provides stability and adds a high-quality face to the tin. The lid is colour printed and with this feature it becomes a visual highlight in every kitchen. Thanks to the brilliant colours, the popular motifs are shown to their best advantage.

In addition, the storage cans ensure spaciousness and order: Say good-bye to annoying plastic bags, elastics, or paper bags that must be protected from water. Instead, our beautifully decorated tins create space on the shelf. The lids close tightly, so that even foods such as coffee, flour, sugar, and cereal are well protected and stay fresh for a long time. The metal boxes for food are available in various formats, which makes them suitable for different purposes. Whether as a cookie tin or coin bank ― you can never have too many of our metal boxes. 

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Aroma tins for coffee and more

Are you looking for a safe way to store coffee beans? Our new storage tins with flavour lock lids are compact and handy, as well as large enough for a pound of coffee or espresso. Coffee lovers care greatly about storage quality―therefore we have equipped our tins with a safe steel swing top. A flexible lining fitted into the lid prevents air intrusion. Thus, the flavouring of the food is preserved for a long time and the content remains fresh for longer. Like this, even sweets and loose tea can be optimally stored.  

Our retro coffee tins are decorated in great detail and, just like our other storage containers, embossed with a high-quality motif. This makes them particularly suitable as gifts for vintage fans who want to embellish their shelves, or for people looking for a practical and charming storage solution. Our boxes are also perfectly suited as creative packaging for birthday presents or as a gift for new homeowners. 

High-quality production

Like all our sheet metal products, the tins stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. We attach great importance to our high quality standards, which is why the majority of our merchandise items are produced in Germany. The tin cans are designed with much love to detail and produced with modern manufacturing techniques. We are committed to sustainability in our production and therefore pay attention to environmental and social effects of our enterprise.

The tins are coated with matt or glossy lacquer and some of them are elaborately embossed with motifs. For this purpose, parts of the metal are highlighted three-dimensionally in coordination with the motif. This applies to both the lid and the body of the can. The brilliant colours and embossing make the motifs stand out particularly well. Retro fans can confidently rely on the high quality we offer and can choose between various decorations and illustrations in vintage style. Now the only question is which motif fits best to your favourite breakfast.

Where can you buy the tins?

Everyone has memories of the good old days. Whether small tin cans, large aroma boxes, or the entire range in a matching design: Our Nostalgic-Art storage solutions with vintage charm are the perfect gift idea for people who like to reminisce and want to keep their shelves tidy. The tin cans and coffee containers with a large selection of detailed motifs can be purchased in our Nostalgic-Art collection. We also offer a wide range of other merchandise items in retro style. Vintage lovers will find a home in our assortment, since our unique designs arouse emotions and stand out from the crowd. 

We are a business-to-business company committed to spreading the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. Use our online shop to purchase the tin cans and many other items. If you would like to buy the tins for private use, you can do so conveniently through our distributors. Enjoy browsing through our nostalgic collection!

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