Nostalgic tin thermometers

Warm or cold? For several centuries, scientists tried to determine temperature more precisely using different scales. The inventor of the mercury thermometer still known today, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit proposed a temperature scale based on the melting point of water and the body temperature of humans. Anders Celsius designed another scale in 1742 based on the melting and boiling points of water. In honor of these grandiose scientists, each Nostalgic Art thermometer features both a Celsius scale and one in Fahrenheit. In the center of the thermometer is a small glass tube, mounted on a typical Nostalgic-Art tin plate. Of course, no toxic mercury is used for measurement, but alcohol. The liquid in the glass tube is colored to match the design, so that the readability is optimal.

Basically, this product is a small metal plate made of extra strong sheet steel measuring 6.5 x 28 centimeters, from which you can read the temperature. It is delivered in a sturdy cardboard packaging. The design of the packaging is always based on the content. We already have many different vintage designs on offer and are constantly expanding our product range for our customers. These include popular car manufacturers, classic brands such as Coca-Cola and Martini, and our very own designs from Nostalgic-Art.

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The thermometer from past to present

The predecessor of the thermometer was the thermoscope. Scientists of the past time use the thermal expansion of the air for the measurement of temperature. The invention of these instruments goes back to the famous inventor Galileo Galilei. Already in the 17th century, doctors and researchers used this method in medicine and science. However, this method was not precise enough. From the 18th century, the temperature-dependent expansion of liquids in closed glass tubes was used to determine heat and cold more precisely. The mercury thermometer, which is still known today, was born. Various types of thermometers with different liquids followed. Nowadays, people mostly read the temperature on digital displays or use an app to decide if it’s warm enough for a walk in a sweater today. We think that a classic thermometer is better suited. Especially in hobby rooms or places of creative work, it’s time-consuming to dive into the digital world just to read the temperature. No matter where you are, our vintage thermometers will accurately show the room or outdoor temperature and it will do it in style and without any electricity.

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High quality production

By using high quality materials, our thermometer combines style and quality. The designs are prepared for printing by professional designers and only high quality, powerful colors are used. The buyer may enjoy the long service life. Therefore, the thermometers are also perfect as a gift. We are always inspired by the real retro designs of past times and thus supply you with authentic vintage charm.

Where to buy the thermometers

The beautiful motifs of classic brands on analog thermometers can be found in our numerous Nostalgic Art theme worlds or under the product group “Thermometers”. Vintage fans will find the right product at our shop, because our unique designs spread joy when gifting or decorating. We are a business-to-business company that spreads the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to purchase our products for personal use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Enjoy browsing our collections.

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