Treats – tins for beloved pets

Around eight million four-legged friends live in Germany. For thousands of years, they have been considered our “best friend” due to their loyalty and love for humans. Whether as a source of warmth in cold nights, as a protector, draft animal or hunting helper. The specific use of animals has already made life easier, as well as enriched it. Nowadays, they are even often considered a part of most families. With the treat tins from Nostalgic-Art every dog lover can say “thank you” to his companion.

The dog food boxes made of tin with the dimensions 6 x 9.50 x 2 cm are perfect for on the go and fit in any pocket. We think this is an important issue, because a dog should be allowed to be part of any adventure. His food and well-being is thus provided for.

But treats serve not only the pure feeding of the dog, but also play a major role in the education of the animal. Rattling with the box, could train your dog. After completed exercise, a reward can be given directly. The rattling with the box acts on it in the future as a kind of conditioning and the training with the dog is optimized. The storage tins are of course delivered unfilled, so that they can be filled immediately with the respective favorite treats of your pet. The storage tins keep the food fresh for a longer period of time and are therefore suitable for a wide variety of types of treats. However, the metal tins are not completely airtight. Wet food should not be stored in them.

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Design for animal lovers

Despite the compact dimensions, the pet food tins naturally offer exactly the right amount of space for the beautiful motifs from Nostalgic Art. We offer up to nine different designs from the theme worlds “Animal Club” and “PfotenSchild”. All motifs and lettering relate to the love of four-legged friends with a focus on dogs and cats. Inscriptions such as “Dog Treats”, “Good Cat” or “Friends Forever” refer directly to the purpose of the can and the love to your pet. Whether for cat food storage or dog food storage, there’s a treat box here for every owner.

As always, the storage tins look really retro. The colors are applied with a matte finish and on the lid the motifs are embossed in several layers. This gives the design a high-quality 3D look and a pleasant feel. When selecting the colors, our design team relies on paste shades or bright colors in the style of pop art. This creates an authentic 60s and 70s charm.

High quality production

Our small metal cans are characterized by great quality. Only extremely robust steel plate is used in the processing. All prints are prepared for printing by professional designers and only high quality matte lacquer is used here. We are always inspired by the style of past times and therefore supply them with authentic vintage charm.

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Where to buy the "treat tins"?

You will find the beautiful motifs that reflect your love for your fourlegged friend in our Nostalgic Art theme worlds “Animal Club” and “PfotenSchild” or under the product group “treat tins”.

With us you will find the right product, because our unique designs spread joy when rewarding your pet. Surely you will also have dog or cat owners in your circle of friends. The tins make an excellent gift.

We are a business-to-business company that spreads the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to purchase our products for personal use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Enjoy browsing our product groups.

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