Note Pads

With our notepad signs no thought is lost. On the front of the tin-plate sign a notepad and pencil with holder are integrated. With its two magnets on the back the notepad sign is affixed e.g. to the refrigerator. With the pencil and paper ready at hand every idea is quickly noted and the shopping list is always up to date. The beautiful images speak for themselves.

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Size & characteristics

The size of the notepad sign is 10 x 20 cm. The background is a tin-plate sign made from extra sturdy sheet metal alike our high-quality signs that we are known for. Because of two magnets on the back the notepad sign adheres to many metallic objects e.g. on refrigerators. With its pre-drilled holes the sign can also be hung on other surfaces.

Pencil & note

On the front a notepad with 50 white pages is fastened. A pencil in an inconspicuous holder is always ready for use. Whenever the notepad is empty we have notepads and pencils available for refill.


Every notepad sign is individually wrapped and its informative inlet on the back accentuates the product characteristic once more.