The very special notebook

For our product group “notebooks”, we have applied our typical Nostalgic-Art designs to the hard covers of classic notebooks. The surface is textured and raised to optimize grip and adds a touch of 3D to the design. The book itself contains lovely designed pages with motivational or funny sayings and motifs that will sweeten your day. All DIN A5 (145 x 210mm) pages are dotted to facilitate straight-line drawing and writing. The bookmark is color matched to the rest of the design and guarantees good organization within the 128 ivory colored pages. There is room for more loose notes in the handy inside pocket.

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The book can be closed with an elastic band, so the extra notes always stay in place. The perfect companion for a structured day and a personal place for thoughts, appointments and sketches. Notes, to-dos, shopping lists and weekly plans are a must-have for well-organized people. For centuries, people have been organizing with the help of pen and paper. A human being tends to write down what they think or feel. Even in ancient Egypt, people wrote with black soot on pressed reeds. The pressed reed is better known under the term papyrus. The first pencils also came from the Egyptians. Wax tablets and sharpened styluses served the Romans as writing tools. And the Chinese ultimately invented paper in a similar way to how we know it today.

Classy retro design

Whether for creative minds, globetrotters, heroes or geniuses, here is the right design for everyone. Up to ten different designs from different license partners are available to choose from. Including, Albert Einstein and the saying “Genius Notes”, the classic caricature of a lady with rolled up sleeves, plus the headline “We Can Do It!” or adventurous designs that make your notebook to a perfect travel companion.
There are many notebooks on the market, but the smart details and high-quality workmanship make the new Nostalgic-Art notebooks a special eye-catcher. The choice of colors and the many pastel shades are reminiscent of times gone by and make the hearts of most vintage lovers beat faster. True to the motto “Keep your great Ideas safe”, the book makes an excellent gift. With such a nice gesture, they will certainly reaffirm the good ideas of beloved friends and encourage them to record creative thoughts and, if possible, implement them.

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High quality production

Our notebooks are characterized by high quality. Only acid-free FSC certified paper was used for the production of the pages. The FSC standards stand for responsible forest management and protect the environment. The book’s motif-embossed hardcover is printed with bold colors that give the design a special radiance. All designs were created by creative minds from Berlin and professionally prepared for printing. The many details of the book such as rubber closure, bookmark, inside pocket and playful motifs underline the value of the notebook.

Where to buy the notebook?

Have we aroused your interest in our product group? Our new Nostalgic-Art notebooks enrich our extensive retro collection. As a B2B company, our goal is to spread the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to buy our products for private use, you can do so conveniently through our intermediaries. Have fun browsing and giving!

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