Nostalgic-Art's vintage mugs

Say hello to your new favorite mug! We know that there are plenty out there, but the Nostalgic-Art mug is special. Its one-of-a-kind design catches everyone’s eye. Details such as the inside colour are carefully selected to match each individual design. The rounded shape feels good to hold. Due to the broad variety of different themes and designs, Nostalgic-Art mugs are also a perfect gift.
Our unique vintage mugs are the perfect gift idea for friends, family or acquaintances. Whether used as a coffee mug at the breakfast table, as a collector’s item for fans or as an eye-catcher in the office―every retro lover will be intrigued by our wonderfully detailed designs. Thanks to their beautiful illustrations, our mugs provide a moment of peace and calmness during the breaks from the hectic pace of everyday life―a moment to breathe in the midst of daily routine. 

We are experts in combining nostalgia and innovation, which is best proven by our mugs with proverbs. The cheeky, funny, and motivating sayings will certainly put a smile on the face of every coffee and tea drinker. With a height of about 9 cm and a diameter of about 8.5 cm the vintage mugs have a practical capacity of about 0.33 litres. They come with a leaflet displaying the product description and the barcode attached to the handle. 

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Our unique retro design

The Nostalgic-Art retro mugs are decorated with high-quality prints on the outside depicting various merchandising motifs and logos from popular international companies. Among other themes, we offer BMW mugs as well as Harley-Davidson mugs―and these are just two examples from a wide selection of well-known brands. They are perfectly suited as gifts for fans of various theme worlds.  

We believe that retro is not just a fashion but a lifestyle, and our products add the finishing touch to this lifestyle. Instead of boring monochrome coffee cups from the office kitchen, our vintage mugs symbolise individuality, at home just as at the workplace. The retro motif is a guaranteed eye-catcher which everyone is going to ask about. Even the colour of the mug’s inner surface matches the outer design. Furthermore, it has a pleasant, slightly rounded shape that makes it comfortable to hold. 

High-quality pottery mugs

Our vintage pottery mugs are of extremely high quality. Even after years of use, the retro motif will not fade away. Pottery mugs are additionally characterized by high stability as well as durability and are therefore the most reliable companions for daily use. Like all of our products, the pottery coffee mugs stand for great handicrafts. Our team has designed their appearance and shape with great attention to detail. Naturally, they are also dishwasher safe.

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Where can you buy the merchandise mugs?

Everyone has memories of the good old days. Our Nostalgic-Art vintage products are the perfect gift idea for people who like to indulge in these memories. The merchandise mugs with a broad selection of themes can be purchased in our Nostalgic-Art collection. Apart from mugs, we also offer many other promotional items and gifts in our unique retro style that will make the hearts of vintage lovers beat harder.

We are a business-to-business company spreading the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. Use our online shop to purchase the pottery mugs and many other items. If you would like to buy the mugs for private use, you can do so conveniently through our distributors. Enjoy browsing through our nostalgic collection!

Delivery and packaging

We deliver the vintage mugs in packaging units of four pieces each. They are protected from breakage and scratches. Would you like to spice up the wrapping a little? Then you can order a high-quality individual packaging for each mug, which is designed to match the products’ retro style and looks very attractive to the retail customers. 

We try to deliver the selected items to you as quickly as possible. Our products are overwhelmingly manufactured in Germany, so you will benefit from short delivery routes and a quick delivery. Have fun with your order! 

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