Mint Box XL

Fresh breath in a new dimension!

Our small and very popular mint box receives big assistance. For many years our customers have enjoyed the Nostalgic-Art mint boxes. These don’t only satisfy with their elaborate design and attention to detail but also with the high-quality of the refreshing mints Made in Germany.

At the request of many customers we now offer an XL mint box. It incorporates all the advantages of the small mint box with the appeal of something new. Beside the new size of the mint box, the shape has also been enlarged. Only the very best designs of the smaller boxes are being used for the new XL mint boxes, which guarantees a success. Thanks to the beautiful designs, the new mint boxes look splendid and are also perfect as a pretty storage box for at home and on the go. Once the mints are consumed, the box can be refilled with other small bits and pieces (e.g. medication, hygiene articles, candy or coins). The sturdy metal case protects every content reliably.

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