Ancient pill box

Are you looking for a handy companion and mint? If that’s the case, one of our stylish pill boxes will be the right choice. With a comfortable size of 6 x 4 x 1.6cm or, in case you chose the large version, 6 x 9,5 x 2cm, the pill cases do not take much space and fits into any purse, the pocket or glove box. With a classy and charming design the ancient pill box will leave you in awe. The metallic mint boxes are recyclable and can also be refilled after using up the drops.

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High-end product

Because of the high quality and well chosen material the pill boxes do not show any marks of the daily use for a long time. No matter if put into your glove box or in a messy purse, the boxes are spared of scratches of your keys or other things inside. By rounding the corners of our pill boxes they feel handy and light. With a variety of designs and styles you will surely find a version you love. The images wrap around the whole box and let it appear to be well made. With bright and intense color and a slight shine the pill case is a real eye catcher. A complex imprint especially impresses, as it is printed on a higher level and catches the eye with beautiful and well thought out details.

Refreshing mint drops

Small box, great filling – even if the box itself stands in the spotlight, our mints can also be seen as the highlight. The pill box comes as usual with little mint drops. To avoid an annoying sound, and to protect the filling, the drops are wrapped into one paper that also double downs on the high quality of our product. Our mint drops are produced in Germany, side by side with some very well known brand products. The drops do not only refresh your breath all while leaving a sweet and cool taste on your tongue.

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Where to get the pill box

You are already convinced by our pill cases and wonder were to get one for you and your loved ones? We may help you with that. In case you want to buy them in a store, you will find a list of shops that sell them on our website. In the well chosen shops, you can get one of the pill cases to go, while you are on the go. Or are you having a lazy day, and do not want to head to a shop? You can also choose your new favorite companion and breath refresher on our website.

Versatile display options

For our pill boxes we offer different fitting displays that can be assorted with your favorite images – presented this way the tins are fast sellers on every store counter.

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