Magnet Sets

Collecting is fun, but also takes time and effort. How convenient that we offer small assortments of nine different thematically matched magnets as magnet sets.

The rich variety of images in two different sizes are beautiful to look at and take up successful themes of our Nostalgic-Art collection They transform every refrigerator, every extractor hood, just about every metallic surface into a handy bulletin board. The magnets also grip on to our tin-plate signs.

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Size & quality

The magnet sets contain nine power magnets in various sizes. The small magnets are square with an edge length of 2,2 cm. The rectangle magnets come is size 4,5 x 2,2 cm. They are large enough so that they can be easily grabbed (different than devilish, fingernail-destroying magnet foil ?) but large enough not to appear chunky. The top is sealed with a doming sticker (a high-quality sticker with transparent curvature).

Perfect Gifts

The magnets are securely wrapped in a transparent gift box sized 7 x 9, 3 x 2 cm. The box is much thicker than the enclosed magnets. We believe that this is the perfect gift size. Additionally, the back contains a colour inlet that is designed to match the theme.

Easy presentation

As for all of our products we offer a fitting display aid for our magnet sets. For instance a convenient table display for 32 boxes.