Our enamel mugs

Our enamel mugs are the epitome of classic functionality and product design. The typical shape of this absolute bestseller mug brings back memories of past camping trips or a summer picnic by the lake. 

But what is enamel anyway? Roughly, enamel can be described as a glass and metal compound that is baked at a high temperature. Enameled goods date back to ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. However, the golden age of enamel-coated products was around 1900. Clock faces, tin signs, kitchen utensils, and many similar products were finished with enamel and made more durable. With the rise of industrialization and cheaper alternatives, the material gradually disappeared. Too bad. But now the material and especially the enamel mug celebrates a comeback. For good reasons. 

Enamel mugs last forever and are hygienic because the surface is anti-bacterial. No matter what liquids they fill the 360ml capacity with, the enameled surface offers 100 percent flavor neutrality and withstands both high heat and cold. Perfect for hot and cold drinks or even soups of any kind. The cups have a diameter of eight centimeters and are white on the inside. On the outside, they offer space all around for our beautiful Nostalgic Art designs. Up to seven different motifs are available for them to choose from. The rounded drinking rim is always color-matched. A matching tag with barcode and product information already dangles from the handle.

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The perfect camping mug

For decades, the enamel mugs are perfect for outdoor cooking. Whether camping or traveling, the mug is a faithful companion on your adventures. The material is extremely light and robust. Numerous cups of this type dangle from the backpacks of young backpackers. The enameled surface gives the mug durability. This also makes the product suitable for children, as the cup will not break if dropped. Nothing stands in the way of sorrowless family breakfast at the campsite.

Cheap plastic cups that end up in the trash millions of times a day should be a thing of the past. The enamel material is one hundred percent recyclable and the long life of the product additionally protects our environment. It’s good that this material is back in fashion. Also, the use of detergents is no longer necessary due to the coating, because the cup can be cleaned simply with water. The material is antibacterial and hygienic anyway and the user saves space for some extra luggage.

High quality production

Our cups are characterized by high quality. Glass in combination with the elasticity of the metal makes enameled products almost indestructible. The customer buys a cup for eternity. Enamel consists of glass-forming oxides and those that cause the special adhesion of the color to the carrier metal. Our designs therefore do not fade and the colors will still look the same in many years as they did when purchased.

Where to buy the cups?

Various designs from past times immortalized on high-quality enamel mugs can be found in our Nostalgic Art collection. We sure have something for every vintage lover. Our unique artworks arouse emotions and spread joy when gifting or decorating. Not only are the designs real retro, but so is the mug itself. 
We are a business-to-business company that spreads the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you want to buy our products for personal use, you can do it conveniently through our intermediaries. Have fun browsing our varied collections. Maybe one of our mugs will accompany you on your next adventure.

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