Timeless wall clocks – especially retro

The wall clock as we know it today has a long tradition behind it. More than 6,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians developed clocks that were based on the course of the sun. Revolutionary at the time, but extremely impractical from today’s point of view.
The first special clock to be mounted on a wall was the French Comtoise clock, which was made between the 17th and 19th centuries near Morez. 
The old clocks were powered by pendulum clockworks in those days.

Our special retro designs give the wall clocks a nostalgic look but run with a modern quartz movement. Accurate timekeeping guaranteed. The clock measures 31cm in diameter. Enough space for design ideas of any kind and well visible for you and the visitors of your house. The dial is protected by a domed real glass front. A high-quality metal frame encloses the retro wall clock and rounds off the good piece.

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Nostalgic wall clocks from VW, BMW and co.

For decades, wall clocks have been found mainly in workshops, garages and kitchens. For this reason, we create wall clocks with motifs of brands associated with these locations. Our wall clocks with vintage designs from Harley Davidson, BMW, or Mercedes will be an eye-catcher in every workshop or garage. But for vintage lovers just as well in the kitchen or in the living room. Kellogs is the great-grandfather of cereals. The brand has been on kitchen shelves around the world for decades. Are you a fan too?

A fancy kitchen clock in retro Kellogs design will bring joy to young and old and will certainly whet your appetite for an extensive breakfast. Or would you prefer something cool to drink? You can also find the typical red wall clocks from Coca-Cola in the 60s design in our store. With our designs, we hope to bring back old childhood memories from past times. Every person of this modern era has cult brands to which special emotions are linked. With our merchandising products, you can bring these memories directly to your home.

High quality production of the wall clocks

By using higher quality materials, our original wall clock combines timeless design and quality. We are always inspired by the real designs of past times and thus supply you with authentic vintage charm. The clock face is individually designed, so your brand is always in view. The watch’s cardboard packaging is also printed in the same design, making the total package a perfect gift. In addition, the wall clock is protected during transport. Our graphics team will be happy to assist you with the packaging design.

However, the high-quality wall clock only becomes a real designer piece after the printed clock face is surrounded by a discreet metal frame. It is no problem to adapt the frame color to your motif. On top of it a stable, curved glass front is placed. The appearance of the design under the glass thus stands out even better and brings the typical curvature with it. Enough about the exterior. Inner values also count. The modern quartz clockwork is battery operated and always ensures the accurate display of the time. The clock runs very energy-efficiently so that the batteries do not need to be changed often. A quiet, reassuring ticking of the second hand promises authenticity at the highest level.

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Where to buy the wall clocks?

The beautiful motifs of timeless promotional products on high-quality wall clocks can be found in our Nostalgic-Art-Collection. Vintage lovers will find a home with us because our unique designs arouse emotions and spread joy when giving away and decorating. We are a business-to-business company that spreads the nostalgic charm of vintage products internationally. If you would like to buy our products for private use, you can do so easily through our distributors. Have fun browsing through our timeless collections.

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