Metal Cards

The curved and embossed metal card in the format 10 x 14 cm is an extremely versatile small tin sign. The attractive price-performance ratio, the high value and the variety of possible applications make the “mini tin sign” an ideal advertising medium.

Ideal for Mailing Campaigns

Metal cards can be sent worldwide with or without the enclosed envelope cost-effectively by post. Therefore, they are suitable as an advertising medium in direct marketing, e.g. for mailing campaigns or as a product gift. Compared to a normal letter, the metal card is not simply disposed of in the trash during mailing campaigns, but is used on the shelf or as a wall decoration for further use by the recipient.

Writable back side

The back of the metal card is coated with paper and can be written on with a pen. On request, we print the paper surface individually according to your specifications. You can, for example, present a Christmas greeting, an invitation or detailed information about a product in an appealing way.

Collector‘s Passion included

Metal cards are ideal for a series of designs. Different motifs create a passion for collecting, which reinforces the positive perception of the advertising medium and the brand. Metal cards stand for the values quality, longevity and tradition and transfer this image to the advertising company.

Everything at a glance

  • Format: 10 x 14 cm
  • Extra strong steel sheet metal
  • Motif embossed on several layers and curved
  • Minimum edition: 1.000 pieces
  • Delivery time: from 6 – 8 weeks after print approval