Metal Calendar Cards

An imprinted calendar makes our metal card a practical desk calendar. Two enclosed colored magnetic rings mark the day and the month. This way the calendar is reusable year after year. On the back of the card a hinged cardboard display is attached. Metal calendar cards can be sent worldwide by post using the enclosed envelope.

Calendar Table & Magnetic Rings

For metal calendar cards, a printed calendar table is integrated into the motif. Two colored magnetic rings can be used to mark the current day and month. The calendar can be used forever.

Foldable cardboard display

On the back of the card a foldable cardboard display is attached. The metal calendar card can first be sent in an envelope and then set-up by the recipient in an instant.

Ideal for Mailing Campaigns

Metal cards can be sent worldwide with or without the enclosed envelope cost-effectively by post. Therefore, they are suitable as an advertising medium in direct marketing, e.g. for mailing campaigns, or as a product gift. Compared to a normal letter, the metal calendar card is not simply disposed of in the trash during mailing campaigns, but is used as a practical desk calendar for further use by the recipient. As a result, they communicate your advertising message over a long period of time.

Everything at a glance

  • Format: 10 x 14 cm
  • Extra strong steel sheet metal
  • Motif embossed on several layers and curved
  • Minimum edition: 1.000 pieces
  • Delivery time: from 6 – 8 weeks after print approval