Metal Cards

The arched postcard with embossed edges can be mailed worldwide with or without the enclosed envelope. The back of the card is coated with paper and can be used like a regular postcard for individual lettering. Tin-plate postcards greatly stand out against regular postcards. The gloss of the image, its high quality and the wide range of application make them one of our most popular tin-plate products. Compared to the "regular postcard", the tin-plate postcard is not disposed off in the trash, but is often used as wall or shelf decoration.

Paper coated back

The back of the card is coated with paper and can be written on with a regular pen like a regular postcard.

Global shipping

With its enclosed envelope the postcard is ready for mailing.


Every tin-plate postcard with a matching envelope are individually wrapped in a plastic bag. A coloured paper insert on the back informs about the special characteristics.

  • Das Format der Blechpostkarte ist 10x14 cm.

    Size & material

    Tin-plate postcards come in size 10x14cm. We manufacture our postcards from sturdy 0,3mm thick sheet metal. To ensure stability the cards are slightly arched and their edges crimped-over.

  • Wie alle unsere Produkte werden auch die Blechpostkarten im Vierfarbdruck gedruckt.

    Colour & protective lacquer

    We print our signs with four-colour offset printing (CMYK) with a smooth 70s grid pattern. This ensures sharp and crystal clear images and colours. Additionally, the sign is sealed with a protective lacquer that can be written on. This forms a beautiful and durable gloss.

  • Wir bieten für alle unsere Produktgruppen die passende Präsentationshilfe.


    For the perfect presentation of our Metal Cards we offer matching spinners and displays. Some of them may also hold other product types of our Collection making it easy to offer a broader selection to your clients.