Dear Nostalgic-Art Fan,

Our products are available in many stores and online shops. As we have a wide assortment, not every shop may offer our complete product range. Feel invited to discover several possibilities, depending on what you are looking for.

This is our shopping possibility:

We are glad to inform you that it is possible to order our products in a common online shop. In order to find our quality products search directly for “Nostalgic-Art” in the research field of the online shop. Enjoy finding your favourite Nostalgic-Art products!


All items in our collection are available at amazon.

These Nostalgic-Art product groups are available:

Blechschilder 15x20cm Blechschilder 20x30cm Blechschilder 30x40cm Blechschilder 25x50cm Blechschilder 40x60cm Kalender Hängeschilder Blechpostkarten Tischkalender Magnettafeln Magnete Magnet-Sets Notizblock-Schilder Spardosen Vorratsdosen Flach Vorratsdosen Rund Vorratsdosen L Vorratsdosen XL Stiftdosen Pflaster Pillendosen Vorratsdosen Rund L Aromaboxen Pillendose XL Leckerli-Dosen Tasse Feuerzeuge Schlüsselanhänger eckig Schlüsselanhänger rund Wanduhren Thermometer Spiegel Lesezeichen Untersetzer-Set Untersetzer

Why don’t we sell to individual customers?

Our core business is design, production and marketing of the Nostalgic-Art Collection. We are serving mainly corporate customers because we want to concentrate on our core business. However, we do our best to ensure that you can purchase our Collection at many places as possible. Our corporate customers from all over Europe are doing great job with direct sales of single products from our Collection. Therefore, we leave it up to them to take care of you!